We are passionate and dedicated defence counsel, consultants and sparring partners. This means that, if necessary, we can help to ensure that in all areas of our assignments the people instructed contribute to a successful outcome with a similar attitude and commitment.

We rely here on our far-flung network which has been established over many years and is constantly being expanded by us.

In addition to specialist attorneys it also includes tax consultants, accountants, forensic analysts, IT specialists and communication agencies.

Our independence enables us to always bring in the best network partner for the job.


Our work is very often of an international nature. Thanks to our many years working at international corporate law firms we are trusted contacts for international clients and law firms.

We are well aware of the practices of international commerce, have fluent proficiency in business English and extensive experience in cross-border matters.

As a result of our international work we can rely on a wide network of specialist attorneys and consultants in all relevant centres of commerce worldwide that we can recommend because they share our professional approach and working methods.