We are most thankful that our work is appreciated by both clients and colleagues, as reflected in the relevant media and rankings. 
[Entries up to 31 December 2018 relate to work at AC Tischendorf Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaft mbB].

Rosinus | Partner has once again been recognised by the Legal 500 magazine as a leading law firm in white-collar crime:

White-collar crime: Advice to companies Tier 3
„Rosinus Partner advises an increasingly international, cross-industry client base on a variety of white-collar crime matters: in addition to numerous fraud proceedings, criminal tax matters as well as insolvency delay and insider trading offences, the practice is also active in criminal data protection and employment law matters and supports companies in crisis as well as damaged ones. Christian Rosinus not only has broad white-collar crime and criminal tax law competences, but also expertise in compliance issues, which, in addition to an increasing number of instructions, is also reflected in the firm's criminal compliance podcast.“

Leading individuals: Christian Rosinus - Rosinus Partner

White-collar crime: Advice to individuals Tier 5

‘ Great team strength for a boutique after just a few years. ‘ ‘ Dr Rosinus: An ex-tremely sympathetic, humorous and brilliant mind, who may well be underestimat-ed by his counterpart. Analytical, clear, fast, efficient and successful! ‘‘Rosinus bene-fits greatly from his experience in large law firms and can therefore also incorpo-rate pre-criminal law issues into his procedural strategy. Motivated, goal-oriented young team, with excellent knowledge and a great deal of experience – also inter-national – which they bring to the advice in an extremely client-oriented and unpre-tentious manner.’ ‘Dr Christian Rosinus: Smart as a flash, approachable, clear and convincing, close to the client and extremely pleasant as a consultant and/or col-league in the mandate. ‘ ‘ Extremely creative, very goal-oriented, very focused. ‘

Compliance – Internal Investigations: Firms to Watch

Dr Christian Rosinus is recommended by Chambers Europe Guide 2022 in the cate-gory "Dispute Resolution': White-Collar Crime: Defence Counsel - Germany" as one of the leading lawyers.

From the assessment:
“Christian Rosinus of Rosinus | Partner Rechtsanwälte acts as defence counsel on sophisticated mandates connected to internal and criminal investigations. His prac-tice covers matters connected to embezzlement, fraud, employment criminal of-fences, sanctions violations and tax crime. Interviewees highlight his ability to "ap-proach matters in novel ways" and describe him as "charismatic, clever, creative, pragmatic, a strong negotiator and super-connected in the industry."

The law firm Rosinus | Partner is recommended by Focus Business as a law firm in commercial criminal law and for compliance.

Dr Christian Rosinus is recommended as a lawyer for criminal law.

Rosinus | Partner is Law Firm of the Year 2020 for white-collar crime and criminal tax law and is again top rated in the Juve Handbook 2022/2023 in the areas of white-collar crime - individual defence as well as advising companies. Rosinus | Partner is also awarded by Juve for the first time for the area of criminal tax law.

From the evaluation: The Frankfurt firm remains true to its concept of operating on the borderline between corporate and tax criminal law and compliance. This strategy has proven to be spot on, as it is more in demand than ever from both individuals and companies. The former also regularly seek support in criminal tax proceedings. […].

- Often recommended: Dr Christian Rosinus ("knowledgeable, flexible, reassuring", client;)

- Often recommended: Dr Mathias Grzesiek ("professionally outstanding, very skilled, top defence lawyer of the next generation", competitor).

Rosinus | Partner is again awarded by Brand Eins in 2022 in the areas of commercial criminal law and compliance.

Handelsblatt in cooperation with the US publisher Best Lawyers ranks Dr Christian Rosinus among the best lawyers in the areas of Corporate Governance & Compli-ance, Tax Law, Criminal Tax Law and Criminal Business Law.

Dr Mathias Grzesiek is among the best lawyers in the field of criminal tax law.

Rosinus | Partner is awarded as a top law firm for commercial law by Wirtschafts-Woche 2022.

Dr. Christian Rosinus and Dr. Mathias Grzesiek are recognised by WirtschaftsWoche 2022 as top lawyers in white-collar crime law.

Rosinus | Partner again leading law firm in corporate criminal law:

In the section “advising companies” (tier 3):In the corporate white-collar crime arena, Ro-sinus Partner's 'legally highly competent and excellent, goal-oriented advice' is rendered to a multifaceted national and international client base that encompasses banks, insurance companies as well as logistics and construc-tion companies among others. In addition to its advice on conventional white-collar crime matters such as breach of trust, fraud and cor-ruption, the team also stands out for its crimi-nal tax expertise which it recently demonst-rated in several cum/ex procee-dings.

Leading names: Christian Rosinus - Rosinus Partner

' Highly competent and excellent, target-oriented advice, very well organized and structured way of working, very quick and, if necessary, very short-term return of qualita-tive work results, even with a larger scope as well as a high degree of availability, even outside normal business hours, and a conscious coverage of all possible risks. '

' The partners at Rosinus | Partners are ext-remely committed to achieving the greatest possible while keeping an eye on what is fea-sible. You always have a holistic view of the mandate (broad legal and strategic view "outside the box") and involve all parties in-volved. '

' The team has a solid understanding of eco-nomic interrelationships and knows the re-quirements for corporate consulting in cri-minal law from years of experience. '

' Quick reaction to the need for advice rele-vant to criminal law and development of a strategy for the client, focusing on one's own core competencies and, if necessary, consul-ting other experts if necessary. '

WirtschaftsWoche awards Rosinus | Partner as TOP law firm for white collar crime and Dr. Christian Rosinus and Dr. Mathias Grzesiek as TOP lawyers for white-collar crime

WirtschaftsWoche 2021

brand eins / Statista 2021 awards Rosinus | Partner as one of the best commercial law firms in 2021 in the areas White Collar Crime (***) and Compliance (**)

brand eins / Statista 2021

Christian Rosinus is recommended in the renowned Chambers Europe Guide 2021 in the category `Dispute Resolution: White-Collar Crime: Defence Counsel – Germany‘:

` Christian Rosinus has extensive expertise in white-collar crime advising on embezzlement, social security fraud and corruption as well as cum/ex matters. One interviewee observes: "Christian Rosinus is a rising star."‘
Chambers Europe Guide 2021

Rosinus Partner recognized as leading law firm and Dr. Christian Rosinus recognized as leading lawyer in criminal law

Law Firm Monitor 2020/2021

Rosinus | Partner is ranked “law firm of the year for white collar and tax criminal law” and top rated in the areas of white-collar crime law - advice/defense of individuals as well as advice to companies:

“The Frankfurt boutique has established itself in the market in record time and has already expanded its staff. Above all, the excellent reputation of the law firm's founder and name partner Dr. Christian Rosinus, who is regarded as "client-oriented", "smart as a whip, fast, reliable", "careful and assertive", gave the law firm a lightning start. Because although he had already built up an excellent network of law firms nationally as well as abroad with his previous law firm AC Tischendorf and was recommended by criminal competitors as well as by commercial law firms into mandates, probably hardly anybody counted on the fact that the success adjusts itself so fast. Shortly after the opening of the law firm, two associates had to be hired.

WirtschaftsWoche awards Rosinus | Partner as TOP law firm for white collar crime

Researched by brand eins and Statista, recommended by colleagues and clients: Rosinus | Partner is one of the best commercial law firms in 2020

brand eins / Statista 2020

Dr. Christian Rosinus is one of the best lawyers for criminal tax law in Germany

Handelsblatt/Best Lawyers 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

"Christian Rosinus rises in the rankings due to his increased activity, advising clients on complex tax crime issues with additional expertise on economic crime."

Chambers Europe Guide 2020

"The newly founded criminal law boutique Rosinus Partner Rechtsanwalte PartG mbB [...] advises companies from the private equity, financial services, transport and logistics sectors as well as individuals on the entire spectrum of white-collar criminal law issues. The team is also experienced in advising on compliance issues and conducting internal investigations."

Rosinus | Partner top rated in the JUVE Ranking in the areas of white-collar crime law - consulting/defence of individuals as well as consulting of companies:

"The Frankfurt law firm was formed at the beginning of 2019 as a spin-off from AC Tischendorf. There, the criminal lawyer Rosinus had already earned himself a good reputation, above all in compliance consulting. Not without reason, as it now turns out: His clients, some of them in permanent consulting, remained loyal to him after his departure. Among them are not only enterprises, but also in large number individuals in prominent procedure complexes such as Cum-Ex or Wirecard. The name partner is regarded as excellently connected in defence circles and might be an interesting partner also for other law firms without criminal law expertise due to his experience. The new unit has laid a solid foundation, at least thanks to good contacts with a number of private equity investor as well as a number of long-term consultations and ombuds positions."

Often recommended: Dr. Christian Rosinus ("very competent and service-oriented", "excellent and likeable, pragmatic, solution-oriented and very efficient", competitor)“

Germany's best lawyers 2017, 2018 and 2019 in the field of tax criminal law

Handelsblatt/Best Lawyers 2017 / 2018 / 2019

The most renowned law firms and lawyers for business criminal law

Rosinus | Partner / Christian Rosinus

Rosinus | Partner ranked Top Tier for “White Collar crime: Advice to companies”

“The practice 'is characterized by high criminal expertise and quality' and the team is also praised for 'good responsiveness'. It advises companies and individuals in various proceedings, and in particular in the field of tax criminal law. Recently, they have acted for a number of banks and private equity houses, an area in which they are well versed.”

Christian Rosinus ranked as “Recognised Practitioner” in the category “Dispute Resolution: White-Collar Crime: Defence Counsel in Germany” in the Chambers Europe Guide 2019.

Chambers Europe Guide 2019

Dr Christian Rosinus, leading individual compliance

The Legal500 2019
“[…] is distinguished by its high level of competence in criminal law and quality and the team is also respected for its ‘good responsiveness’. Under the leadership of Christian Rosinus, who is described by clients as ‘very knowledgeable and approachable', advice is disseminated to businesses and private individuals in diverse proceedings, especially in the field of tax offences. He has recently acted for a number of banks and private equity houses; a field in which he is well-versed.”
The Legal500 2019

Often recommended: Dr Christian Rosinus (“strategically clever, strong on implementation”, “competent and pleasant to work with”, competitor)

Juve Handbuch Wirtschaftskanzleien 2018/2019

The law firm mainly has its partner Dr Christian Rosinus to thank for becoming a player to be taken seriously in the medium-sized business compliance advice sector in particular. […]

Juve Handbuch Wirtschaftskanzleien 2017 / 2018

Dr Christian Rosinus is awarded as name of the next generation in the category Compliance

The Legal 500 2018

Frequently recommended: Christian Rosinus (“very well regarded”, competitor)

Juve Handbuch Wirtschaftskanzleien 2017 / 2018

Frequently recommended: Christian Rosinus (criminal law, compliance)

Juve Handbuch Wirtschaftskanzleien 2016 / 2017

Frequently recommended: Christian Rosinus - “very structured procedure, pleasant, “has commercial insight”. (Competitor)

Juve Handbuch Wirtschaftskanzleien 2015 / 2016

Frequently recommended: Christian Rosinus “good proven collaboration”, “establishing himself more and more in the market”. (Competitor)

Juve Handbuch Wirtschaftskanzleien 2014 / 2015

Frequently recommended: Christian Rosinus, "very structured procedure, pleasant, “has commercial insight". (Competitor)

Juve Handbuch Wirtschaftskanzleien 2014 / 2015

Frequently recommended: Christian Rosinus, “great negotiator” who works “quickly and convincingly” and to an “extremely high standard”. (Clients)

The Legal500 Deutschland 2014

Christian Rosinus - “brilliant combination of legal knowledge, strategic thinking and negotiating skills”. (Client)

Juve Handbuch Wirtschaftskanzleien 2013 / 2014

Christian Rosinus is considered a “very talented” upcoming attorney.

The Legal500 Deutschland 2011 / 2012
Legal 500 Leading Firm
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